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Non-Fiction - Manifesto - ENOUGH - ASSEZ ! - O.J KAMPRAD

The balance of our lives is much more vulnerable than we think, and nobody is protected from the trap of current systems". O. J Kamprad

L'équilibre de notre vie est beaucoup plus vulnérable que nous pensons, et personne n'est protégé contre le piège des systèmes actuels ". O. J Kamprad

A talended businessman and humanist (billionaire), O. Kamprand detests hypocrisy, wich he regards as the eight deadly sin.
Having traveled the world for three decades, the author presents key facts in this work about certain mechanisms painstakingly preserved in the shadows, and offers solutions to changing them for the better.

You are …
a shit in a silk stocking

What an audacious—almost insensitive—statement … all that’s missing is the clash of cymbals. But rest assured, this rebuke applies to only a tiny minority of people today. At the outset, it was the phrase that Napoleon I hurled at Talleyrand in the Tuileries Palace (Paris, France). The complete quotation runs as follows: “You have deceived and betrayed the world …

Why have I not had you hanged from the railings of the Carousel?
But there is time enough … you are a shit in a silk stocking.” The Emperor obviously didn’t mince his words when it came to putting the magistrates of the era in their place, if they crossed him or betrayed the imperatives of their position through bad faith or corruption.
By modern standards this declaration could appear at first sight to be outmoded. And yet it’s nothing of the sort. The truth is that even today it’s difficult to find a better portrayal of individuals with overweening egos and drunk on power, who abuse the spirit of the positions entrusted to them, however elevated.
If the style is unfashionable nowadays, especially as it’s no longer the custom to hang people (in democracies at least), and ties have replaced silk stockings, the content has not aged a day.
More than ever, it’s vital that anybody proving to be unworthy of their duties and responsibilities, whatever their sphere of activity, should be unmasked and removed from positions of authority.

In his “Memoirs from beyond the grave,” the celebrated French author de Chateaubriand was already confirming the shabby lack of integrity in certain magistrates of the era, in his description of Talleyrand and Fouché arriving at the apartments of King Louis XVIII—the passage is delicious: “… all at once, a door opens: enter in silence Vice on the arm of Crime,

Mr de Talleyrand walking and supported by Mr Fouché; the diabolical vision passes slowly before me, enters into the office of the King and then disappears.” These early nineteenth century writers had an astounding ability to capture the timeless quality of the dark and shameful side of human nature...

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