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Pub : 2022

268 pages

Foreign rights : Worldwide except France, Italy (Sperling &Kupfer), Poland (JK)


Depression, Blues, OCD, Anxiety attacks, Compulsive snacking, Binge eating, Stressed students, Overworked employees, Mentally overloaded parents, Anxious seniors, etc...

What if there was a fast track to dealing with stress, a effective method which simply consists of reading of a book?


Based on the most recent discoveries in neurosciences and solid clinical experience, Dr. David Gourion, offers a whole new simple, progressive and powerful approach, which shows how to overcome stress and switch off mechanisms that maintain it, while targeting the tools motivational. 

He teaches how to train our mind to get better at regulate, over 7 fluid and fast reading sessions.

He allows us to deconstruct cognitive biases in order to free us from these painful ruminations which nourish the stress.

Four personalized protocols are then proposed to show how to prevent the consequences most common psychological symptoms of chronic stress too high :

• ruminations, anxiety and panic

• bouts of blues, depression and burn-out

• little quirks and real OCDs

• compulsive snacking.

A reading that triggers awareness and a real motivational shock, which cannot leave indifferent!

• A new tool that is all the more necessary that with the Covid-19 pandemic, the stress and stress-related illnesses today represent a a real scourge for millions of people and a challenge major for all, at all ages and in all walks of life.

→ Doctor DAVID GOURION is a psychiatrist and doctor in neurosciences. Former head of clinic in the university hospital psychiatry department of Sainte-Anne Hospital, liberal psychiatrist and former psychiatrist of the HEC Campus. He has published several books Doctor Feel Good (Odile Jacob, 2019), Eloge des intelligences atypiques (Odile Jacob, 2018), Fifty powerful reasons not to go to the shrink (Lattès 2016, Marabout), The fragility of young adults (Odile Jacob, 2015), Nights of the Soul (Odile Jacob, 2007).

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