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Pub : 2021

256 pages

For a balanced and balancing natural diet!

A practical guide in full color to understand everything about a healthy, vegetable diet, at the right time, for a happy body.

Find health and slimming with many recipes and proposals for vegetarian and vegan menus.

We have become hyperconnected beings, we go fast, we travel a lot, we lengthen our days, we shorten our nights, we tumble the seasons, we eat anything at any time... In short, we are moving away from nature: we neglect time and its cycles. And yet, we should know that no living being can escape it, no more humans than animals or plants. We forget that we have internal biological clocks and make them suffer: we are out of sync. It is essential for us to "come back to earth" and better understand and use the meaning of natural rhythms.

Chronobotany is a science that uses plants to promote our rhythms. Our health does not only depend on the quality of our food, but also on the time of day in which we consume it. Just like plants which are subject to the rhythm of the seasons, our metabolism is also influenced by the sun. This is why it is important to learn to respect these cycles to avoid disorders linked to desynchronization (appetite disorder, loss of form, loss of sleep) and make the most of our body's possibilities.

In this illustrated book, Jean-René Mestre explains how it works and offers recipes and menus suitable for everyone and according to their problem. The proposals are vegetarian, vegan, and explain the place that food supplements can have on our plate for a healthy, balanced and balancing diet.

About the authors

Nathalie Giraud is a journalist specializing in environmental health, complementary medicine, ecology, plants and well-being. She collaborates with various print magazines (Côté Santé, Plantes & Santé, Answer à tout, Bien-Etre & Santé, etc.). Author of the book Spices and Health (Trédaniel Pratique), she is also involved in the world of care with training in Bach Flowers and Ayurveda.

Jean-René Mestre is a Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, expert in nutrition, consultant/creator of food supplements. Pharmacist fascinated by botany, specialized in phytopharmacy and author of works on bees and honey, on the Puy green lentil and on nutrition, he has been teaching health professionals at the university for twenty years (faculty of medicine and pharmacy in Dijon) and in various schools (including the National School of Naturopathy in Hyères) how the rhythms of time act on our inner rhythms.

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