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Pub : 2022 March

308 pages

220 x 300 mm

Tattoos, women's words. A unique, beautiful and committed book!

"S'aimer tatouée" is a beautiful book by a committed artist, focused on the intimate stories of women around tattoos, an art for some, a therapy for others. There are 195 women from 18 to 73 years old who have shared their personal stories.

Through 350 colour photos, the book looks back at the testimonies of these women and their relationship with their tattooed bodies.  A diary for the 21st century, written on the skin: a book that they can read for themselves.

Foreword by Philippe Liotard, sociologist, epistemologist and teacher-researcher at the University of Lyon. He refers to the mutations of tattooing, giving a specific look at this practice.

At the heart of the book, a special Rose Tattoo file brings the testimonies of women who have suffered from cancer and whose bodies have been doubly altered by the disease, then by therapies and surgery, before being adorned by a tattoo.

About the author

Nathalie Kaïd is a visual artist and photographer. It was because she was working on a personal art project on female tattoos that she became interested in restorative tattoos. This experience with women who have suffered from breast cancer led her to create the Rose Tattoo week in 2016 as part of Pink October, with the Maison Rose de Bordeaux and finally to create the association Soeurs d'Encre by Rose Tattoo.

Key selling points

An original book that combines strong themes: tattoos, women's words, breast cancer, women's rights activism

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