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Publisher : Albin Michel

288 pages

19.90 €
Pub : 9 Janvier 2019

155mm x 240mm

Available rights : worldwide except France

"Succeeding with your life is important, but success with your health is fundamental.

Our lifestyle has a crucial weight on our life balance, but not only. Vital energy, joy and happiness also depend on the quality of our health and especially our hygiene. This is why the mind and the physical are closely related and reflect each other.
By applying my advice, based on the latest medical discoveries, you will increase your wellness potential and you will adopt a new way of life that will guarantee your health!

Vital is your best card! ”

Frédéric Saldmann, M.D., is the former administrator of hospitals in Paris and a recognized expert on food sanitation and nosocomial and iatrogenic diseases (those created by hospital care and doctors).
 The author of several books, including Wash Your Hands: Dirty Truths about Germs, Viruses, and Epidemics, The best medicine is you!, Take control of your health!, and Your risk-free health.  He lives in France.

Editions étrangères de précédents livres / Foreign publishing of last books

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